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NASCAR, and the monster sausage.

Monster SausageDon’t be fooled by the title,  this post is about food!  Or to be more realistic,  based on the size of said food,  it is about gluttony.  No health conscious eaters allowed.

I went to the NASCAR Able Body Labor 200 on Saturday, Nov 14th.  Since this is not the “big” race it was not too crowded.  The big race, most popular drivers,  and the most spectators is on Sunday,  the Checker Auto Parts 500.

Anyway,  on to the gluttony part.  If you have never been to a race at PIR,  you should know that there are a ton of things to see.  It is a great people watching event,  lots of people all decked out with gear of their favorite driver.  And tons of things eat,  not one of them healthy!  One of the more popular stops for food is just as you come in the main drag past all of the sales trailers.They only sell three items,  hamburgers,  turkey legs,  and a 15″ sausage.

So, we get in line,  which today is relatively non-existent,  to order,  and pay.  In turn we receive a toasted hot dog bun that is wider than the paper plate that it is sitting on.  Now we have to go over to the food line,  to pick up our meat.  For the sausage, it is either plain,  just thrown on the bun,  or you can get it topped with peppers and onions.  Now,  if my wife were here,  she would have had it all slathered in the peppers and onions.  I just opted for plain meat,  and then headed directly for the condiment station.

A little ketchup and mustard later,  we had to find a place to park and eat the monster.

I tell you,  it wasn’t easy.  Well,  not really.  I ate the whole darn thing in short order.  Oh,  did I mention that it only cost $9.75?  Considering beers are almost $8.00 bucks,  it was a steal.

So,  if you ever go to the race,  you *have* to get one of these sausages.  And NO sharing!


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