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Ruth’s Chris Filet

Ruth's Chris Steak House Filet MignonIt was a cool November evening in Phoenix.  Its about darn time actually.  A couple of weeks ago,  it was still in the mid 90s.

Anyway,  some friends invited my wife and I out to Ruth’s Chris Steak House to celebrate a birthday.  I paused,  thinking to myself,  that would be very nice,  but it is on the expensive side,  when I heard,  Oh,  by the way,  we have a gift card.  Excellent,  lets go!

Now,  I wouldn’t call the fare served at Ruth’s Chris gluttonous,  but since I ate it all,  and felt like a beached whale afterword,  it’ll do.

Hey look,  they have a special going on.  There are several items on the menu that are NOT à la carte.  Definitely not the normal type of establishment we frequent.

I had the caesar salad,  and it was awesome.  Just the right amount of dressing,  and the croutons were neither too soft,  nor too hard.  Great flavor.  Now this is where some of the fancier blogs may get into a lot culinary words and such,  but hey,  the salad was good.

The main course,  at least for me,  was an 11oz Prime filet mignon.  The waiter,  is that proper?  Or is it server?  Ok,  waiter it is,  said they sear their stakes in a broiler at 1800 degrees F,  and then put them on a plate,  to bring to the table,  that is only 500 degrees F!  That is hot!  Oh,  they also put a big dollop of butter on top.

1st cut.  Wow,  I think to myself,  I could have just used a fork.  Still very hot.  Melts in mouth.  I try it again.  Same result.  Superb!  I think it is the best filet I have ever eaten.

Oops,  almost forgot the wine.  Looking at the menu,  it recommended a Shiraz to pair with the filet,  but since I didn’t know what everyone else was going to order,  I looked through the wine list.  The first item that caught my eye was a zinfandel,  but since it was priced at $245,  I decided to keep looking.  Zinfandel is one of my favorites,  so I started in that section,  when I noticed a great wine,  although it was restaurant priced,  Seghesio Zinfandel 2007,  I stopped looking.  It can be had for a fraction at your local wine store.

The waiter presented the bottle to me for inspection.  Yessir,  that is it!  He proceeded to uncork the wine,  and poured a tasting in my glass.  I then swirled it around in my glass,  and gave a hearty sniff (as if I knew what I was doing),  then tasted.  Just as good as I remembered.  He then poured for the ladies,  of course,  then got back to me.  Everyone liked the selection.  Even my wife!  WTF,  she doesn’t drink red wine.  Something strange is going on here.  Am I in some sort of alternate universe or what??  Highly recommended,  you should go get a bottle.

Buy another bottle (or two)


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