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A week before Christmas

The house was quiet. The kids were out, one at work and the other shopping (it seems like only 16 years ago that one was in a high chair and the other was complaining that she was hungry). As I sat there staring at my wife while we tried to decide what dinner would entail, […]


The arduous task of rating wines here at GB would be even more so without “The Sheet”. To be less ambiguous, the “Gluttony Boys Tasting Sheet“. For our reader, this is not news but to the blogging public at large, it’s not newsworthy either. Be that as it may, there have been a number of […]


Weekends were made for steak and wine! Or beer! Or even the occasional Margarita, but steak nonetheless. Sometimes it is just a photo of a place we would like to eat at, someday. GB photos, in large gluttonous sizes, can be found at Picasa. Tasty, bold with a hint of sophistication and lacking in pretension. […]