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Down-loadable version located after the jumpThe arduous task of rating wines here at GB would be even more so without “The Sheet”. To be less ambiguous, the “Gluttony Boys Tasting Sheet“. For our reader, this is not news but to the blogging public at large, it’s not newsworthy either. Be that as it may, there have been a number of subtle updates made over the past month to our blog, like our tasting sheet, that may not have been apparent as our follower seems to frequent the main posting page and not much else. Go figure.

If you look closely at the top of this page, you will notice other pages with even more inane content like our “Rating Scales” (yes, additional tools are strewn about that page) and our “About” page. You will find exciting content such as our reviews posted there!

Because we are visionaries, from time-to-time we will add or update the content on those pages, such as the addition or removal of a comma where appropriate. Punctuation is important if for no other reason than it helps our follower navigate and comprehend the gluttonous wealth of information contained herein.

Occasionally we will add photos to our Flickr and Picasa sites, the latter will contain sizes that are suitable for framing and display (please be sure to engage the “stretch” feature if you plan on adorning your desktop/wallpaper with these images). All the photos at these sites and on our blog were captured by our staff, except where noted, and are yours to do with as you please (credit is always appreciated when our photos are displayed elsewhere on the interwebs, as is cash, steaks, beer, wine, tequila, beef jerky, pork rinds and Tabasco). Browse responsibly!


About Dave

About myself could be rather involved and include various tidbits of neurosis that could intrigue the psychiatric community, so I will defer for now.

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