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Smashburger finally opened a restaurant on the west side of the valley. This one is at the SW corner of 99th Ave and McDowell. Usually, the west side is the last to get a new restaurant, or store. This is the second store in the valley to open, the first was in Tempe.

Having heard very little about smashburger, I did not know what to expect, was it fast food, or was it going to be a sit down restaurant? Turns out it was somewhere in between. You order at the counter, then your food is delivered to you.

Now, since I am a smashburger newbie, I didn’t customize my burger…too much. I ordered the 1/2 pound (also available in 1/3lb) classic, only changing the American cheese to habanero cheese. Much better, IMNSHO.

It is hard to tell from the picture, but once you pick it up, you can tell how the restaurant got its name. It is literally a smashed burger. I would have taken another picture for you to see it better, but once I picked it up, I could not set it down. Great flavor, awesome burger. You WILL get your hands messy!

Next time, I will getting it with a fried egg!

And, this is not your typical semi-fast joint. They have BEER, and wine. The beer is available in bottles, and a frosted mug if you like. The wine comes in one of those tiny single serve bottles. For gluttonous fare, you have to have alcohol. Just ask any gluttony boy!

BTW, this is my first post using the WordPress app for Android. Although I did edit the post on my computer…


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