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Weekends and Wine

Out there, somewhere is a bottle of wine that will complete a great meal. To eat, perchance to drink, ay there’s the rub; the gluttonous means are constrained to “around” $15 a bottle or less in my household. Consequently the premise is now questionable. Can a great meal be attained at this price point for […]

Dog Day Afternoon

You plop on the couch after a long day at work and put your feet up on the ottoman with a sigh of relief. Then you are reminded that tonight’s supper is your responsibility! Fear not as the fridge is packed with leftovers like beans (there are always leftover pinto beans), ground beef from last […]

Old World Collides With New

The influences of the old world and the new are many. A treatise on such a vast topic would be a long an arduous endeavor. However, if the focus is narrowed, the results can be pleasant and at times sublime. Take fruit for example, and citrus fruit in particular. The lime originates from the Himalayan […]