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Dog Day Afternoon

Chili Dogs

You plop on the couch after a long day at work and put your feet up on the ottoman with a sigh of relief. Then you are reminded that tonight’s supper is your responsibility! Fear not as the fridge is packed with leftovers like beans (there are always leftover pinto beans), ground beef from last night’s tacos and homemade hatch green chili from last Friday. Throw them into a pot on the stove so that the simmering can commence.

Meanwhile you take out some Oscar Meyer bun length all beef franks and get them sizzling in a grill pan. When the dogs are just slightly charred and and the chili beans are nice and hot, lay out the buns and begin the assembly process: a dash of mustard, dog, chili beans and a drizzle of homemade chili con queso (nacho style) on top. Garnish with tostadas (i.e. taco chips for those of you that are confused) and more queso. Now you can sit down with your plate, an ice cold beer (of course) and relax.

Click on the image slice above for the entire plate! Don’t forget that there are GB photos, in large gluttonous sizes, at Picasa. Enjoy!


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About myself could be rather involved and include various tidbits of neurosis that could intrigue the psychiatric community, so I will defer for now.

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