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So Much Food and Drink, So Little Time

Every so often, someone has a party. There are many occasions for celebration, but on this night it was an open house potluck hosted by friends that had built their dream home.

We arrived bearing green chili and cheese enchiladas, that my wife had made, and a chilled bitch of a wine, but I was not quite ready for what was on display in the kitchen. Food. So much food of all types and tastes that the strain on my shirt buttons increased as a reflex. And liquor! There was so much imported beer, wine, and other spirits that a tear of joy welled up in my eye.

As wonderful as this was, the host came by our table with a bottle of Don Julio Anejo Tequila. We gathered around him like refugees at a Red Cross truck bearing sacks of rice. Then he LEFT THE BOTTLE ON THE TABLE.  I KNOW!!

I don’t recall much after that, apart from the beautiful home with a media room that reproduced frequencies so low that I’m sure I’m now sterile. I did chat with several interesting people as I went to and fro tasting this and drinking that. It was a gluttonously good evening.


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About myself could be rather involved and include various tidbits of neurosis that could intrigue the psychiatric community, so I will defer for now.

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