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Breakfast is the best

mmmm Frittata!

mmmm Frittata!

I must say,  breakfast is my favorite meal.  Eggs,  either fried or scrambled,  homemade hash browns,  and the ever popular BACON.  This is not about one of those.  This is much more!

This is about Big Daddy’s Sausage,  Red Pepper,  and Feta Frittata. I can safely call my wife a Food Network freak.  She watches it all the time.  And of course,  the benefit is I get to try all kinds of good stuff!

Let me tell you,  the aromas wafting through the house were amazing,  I could really smell the sweet Italian sausage, and other ingredients.  I could hardly wait for it to finish so I could have some.

And since it needed to rest for 10 minutes,  I took the opportunity take a few pictures.  Just be careful if you want move it for a better angle,  do not touch the handle without protection.  It is HOT.

So,  grab the recipe and give it a shot.  You will not be disappointed.

Gluttonous Fare!


One comment on “Breakfast is the best

  1. It’s what’s for breakfast!
    Looks wonderful.

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