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Cookies, Cookies, and more cookies

Cookies,  I can see for miles, and miles.  Cookies.Well, it is that time of year again. Boy how the time flies! Every year right before Christmas, my wife goes on a baking bonanza for us to take to work. Snack wise, it is the best time of the year.

Now, you may have noticed a certain lack of gluttonous behavior here. The GBoys have been dieting. Well, it is partially that, and partially we have just been busy doing other stuff.

Ok, back to the baking. Let me tell you, it is great waking up in the morning to the awesome aroma of fresh baked cookies, and bread. Hopefully the house will smell this way all week.

All of this is a small price to pay for having to clean the kitchen! Honestly though, she does a pretty good job of cleaning as she goes, so by the time I have to clean the rest, it isn’t so bad.

The treats being baked today are: Comfort Cookies, which is a new addition this year. Others are chocolate chip pudding cookies, chocolate crinkles cookies, magic cookie bars, fudge, Amish Friendship Bread, and peanut butter kiss cookies, with dark chocolate kisses on top. Did I mention that I love dark chocolate? The. Best. All of them surely to reek havoc on the diet. But I can return when the treats are gone.

Oh yeah, while the cookies will be great for the guys and gals tomorrow at work, sneaking some when they are fresh out of the oven is the best way! Not sure if it is because when warm they taste even better, or if it is because I grabbed them when the wife wasn’t looking…


One comment on “Cookies, Cookies, and more cookies

  1. Awesome photo Mike and the cookies look delicious! Hi to Jan!!

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