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ImageBoy,  it has been a while since we have posted here.  Too much going on.  At least that is my story!  But we are always eating so there really is no excuse.

Anyway,  it was Friday,  so we figured that it was the perfect day for Pizza.  Hmm, now that I actually think about it,  any day is a good day for pizza!!  This led us to Oregano’s in Phoenix AZ.  This place is not very large,  but it is ALWAYS packed.  The advantage of getting off of work early is we usually beat the crowds, which is what happened tonight.  As usual,  it was very crowded when we left.

The few times that we have been here,  the staff has been awesome!  Everybody is really friendly,  greeting you as you come in.  Everybody is willing (and friendly) to help even if you are not in their section.

We started of with an ice cold one.  Beer, that is.  Frosty.  These ice cold beverages are just going to get better the hotter it gets outside.  Ok,  we are at a pizza place.  Drinking beer.  Getting ready to order a pizza.  So,  of course we have to order wings.  You would too!  Italian Gold was the name.  Honey Mustard BBQ sauce was the flavor.  Awesome!  You have to try them!  Crispy.  Just the right mix of honey mustard and BBQ sauce.

The last time we were here,  we ordered the thin crust pizza.  It was really good,  crisp crust,  great toppings.  But,  we ordered the Pan Pizza this time.  It takes a while to make, but let me tell you.  It is definitely worth the wait. Actually didn’t really notice the wait.  We got the 10 inch pizza.  There were two of us.  We each had two slices and were stuffed.  AND,  there are two slices leftover.  Now we just have to fight over the leftovers!!

Enough said.  Go get some pizza!


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