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What is Gluttony Boys about, you ask? It’s about the things we enjoy. What does that mean? Typically, that means good food and drink or that meal that was very satisfying for some profound reason. An event that stood out in the space time continuum asking to be remembered, nay blogged. We will take the liberty to include other topics from time-to-time but for the most part, food and drink.

Why does the fare matter? That is hard to say, but it does. Suffice to say that we will try to capture it and spread the word to our reader.

We will describe the common, everyday and habitual fare looking for gluttonous luck! However, if the opportunity presents itself to enjoy the meal prepared by a chef, an uncommon urban bistro, a renowned restaurant, the food at a pro ball game, a special occasion or an interesting taco stand, we will seize it with gluttonous gusto!

If you want to drop us a line, we can be reached at: gluttonyboys @gmail .com.



“An epicurean force to be reckoned with!” – The Times

“Ignorant and crude, yet refined and knowledgeable.” – Healthy Diet

“Quadruple Bypass Rated!” – The Hungry Vegan

“Exciting non-stop action!” – From The Balcony

“Bladder filling.” – Urologist’s Monthly

“Surprisingly smooth, with a nice finish!” – The Bribed Critic



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Dave discovers wine (Carpe Vinum)

For me, my enjoyment of wine started with beer. I really enjoyed beer and had been enjoying it for years. I understand that beer is one of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world. I know because I “Googled” it. A typical conversation goes something like this; “Would you care for a drink? Water, tea, beer perhaps?”, “Now that you mention it, a beer would be nice. Thank you.”

I enjoyed beer a bit too much. I did not realize how much until I had a physical exam after turning 40. My physician asked if I drank? “Yes”, I replied. “How much and how often” was the response from behind a clipboard. “Oh, let me think… one or two with dinner during the week, more on weekends… Are you offering some now? I might not mind this line of questioning as much with a cold beer.” I said with a grin. At this point I realized that doctors have no sense of humor.

Later after the exam. “You know”, she said (yes “she”, an older female physician, menopausal I figure now) “You shouldn’t drink so much beer.”  “Wah… what?” I replied, anticipating the worst. “Wine. Wine is better for you than beer” she continued. “Oh… okay” I gasped in relief. “Red wine” she stated with authority while removing her gloves “and only a glass or two, occasionally.” “Fine” I muttered, as I mopped my brow “I could use a glass now.” Still no sense of humor.

Wine didn’t work for me until, the meal. I don’t recall what we ate that day as much as how well the wine went with the food and vice versa. You have to jot it down. Don’t rely on your memory for such an epiphany. I still enjoy an occasional beer and I try new kinds when I can, but I’m convinced that wine was meant for the meal.



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