A Fiesta In A Pitcher

It’s hot. It’s always hot during August in the Phabulous Phoenix metro area. The A/C is cranking and your guests are on their way. The brisket is falling apart tender, the potato supreme casserole is bubbling, the coleslaw, caesar salad, chips and dip are ready. The beer is on ice. Sangria is made and in the […]

Whiskey or Whisky?

Twas a dark ‘n’ stormy winter’s night. Wind lashin’ at yer face. A chill sets in the bones long ‘fore home. The door shut ‘n’ me coat strewn on a chair, reachin’ for the cupboard o’er the coffee pot, pull down a mug ‘n’ fill ‘er with a healthy dram for some bloggin’. This is […]

Dinner Choices

“What do you want for dinner?” A loaded question this can be. Make no mistake, proceed carefully with the response when the query is posed by your spouse. Do I suggest leftovers? No. Pick up something? Not tonight. Go out to eat? Usually a safe bet. Do we want to include friends? Yes! What do […]

Planes, Dogs and a Big Missile

The door bell rings just before 7 AM on Saturday. Yes, seven A.M. on a Saturday. I know! It’s bad enough to be alert and functional (“Game On” as a friend would say) well before seven during the week, but on Saturday? This is a road trip day. We are heading down south to the […]

Ode to Tequila

There once was an hombre from Jalisco. Who grew blue agave because he liked to. They were roasted and distilled, Until his taste buds were thrilled. Then he passed out until he came to. – Gluttony Boy A shot straight from the freezer! Sippin’ time…