Boy,  it has been a while since we have posted here.  Too much going on.  At least that is my story!  But we are always eating so there really is no excuse. Anyway,  it was Friday,  so we figured that it was the perfect day for Pizza.  Hmm, now that I actually think about it,  […]

Dinner Choices

“What do you want for dinner?” A loaded question this can be. Make no mistake, proceed carefully with the response when the query is posed by your spouse. Do I suggest leftovers? No. Pick up something? Not tonight. Go out to eat? Usually a safe bet. Do we want to include friends? Yes! What do […]

Planes, Dogs and a Big Missile

The door bell rings just before 7 AM on Saturday. Yes, seven A.M. on a Saturday. I know! It’s bad enough to be alert and functional (“Game On” as a friend would say) well before seven during the week, but on Saturday? This is a road trip day. We are heading down south to the […]

Breakfast is the best

I must say,  breakfast is my favorite meal.  Eggs,  either fried or scrambled,  homemade hash browns,  and the ever popular BACON.  This is not about one of those.  This is much more! This is about Big Daddy’s Sausage,  Red Pepper,  and Feta Frittata. I can safely call my wife a Food Network freak.  She watches […]

Ice, Ice, baby!

The coldest Blue Moon yet.  Iced and ready to go!