Dinner Choices

“What do you want for dinner?” A loaded question this can be. Make no mistake, proceed carefully with the response when the query is posed by your spouse. Do I suggest leftovers? No. Pick up something? Not tonight. Go out to eat? Usually a safe bet. Do we want to include friends? Yes! What do […]

Steak, Salad, Sprouts, Wine, Whiskey and Kill Bill

Steak – I grip the knife tightly and pull it across the meat in anticipation. A slice falls to the plate with a trickle of warm blood. It does not stay there for long before my teeth are tearing at this piece of prime, corn fed, midwestern angus beef tenderloin. Grilled to perfection by a […]

Goodbye Norma Jean

This is no Marilyn Merlot, but sometimes you yearn to be young, vibrant and fruity again. Embrace her firmly yet respectfully. Close your eyes and let the mind envision the moment and amplify the senses. Savor her scent. Let the feeling linger as you open your lips and taste. Enjoy the moment as it is […]

So Much Food and Drink, So Little Time

Every so often, someone has a party. There are many occasions for celebration, but on this night it was an open house potluck hosted by friends that had built their dream home. We arrived bearing green chili and cheese enchiladas, that my wife had made, and a chilled bitch of a wine, but I was […]

Weekends and Wine

Out there, somewhere is a bottle of wine that will complete a great meal. To eat, perchance to drink, ay there’s the rub; the gluttonous means are constrained to “around” $15 a bottle or less in my household. Consequently the premise is now questionable. Can a great meal be attained at this price point for […]