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Boy,  it has been a while since we have posted here.  Too much going on.  At least that is my story!  But we are always eating so there really is no excuse. Anyway,  it was Friday,  so we figured that it was the perfect day for Pizza.  Hmm, now that I actually think about it,  […]

Planes, Dogs and a Big Missile

The door bell rings just before 7 AM on Saturday. Yes, seven A.M. on a Saturday. I know! It’s bad enough to be alert and functional (“Game On” as a friend would say) well before seven during the week, but on Saturday? This is a road trip day. We are heading down south to the […]

Ice, Ice, baby!

The coldest Blue Moon yet.  Iced and ready to go!

Beer At the End of the Prairie

At the edge of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains in Northern New Mexico, one can get an appreciation for the vast nothingness that expands from the mountain foothills to the East. You can drive for miles and not see another vehicle. You can see plenty of deer, bison, antelope and cattle, though. After […]

So Much Food and Drink, So Little Time

Every so often, someone has a party. There are many occasions for celebration, but on this night it was an open house potluck hosted by friends that had built their dream home. We arrived bearing green chili and cheese enchiladas, that my wife had made, and a chilled bitch of a wine, but I was […]