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Whiskey or Whisky?

Twas a dark ‘n’ stormy winter’s night. Wind lashin’ at yer face. A chill sets in the bones long ‘fore home. The door shut ‘n’ me coat strewn on a chair, reachin’ for the cupboard o’er the coffee pot, pull down a mug ‘n’ fill ‘er with a healthy dram for some bloggin’. This is […]

Dinner Choices

“What do you want for dinner?” A loaded question this can be. Make no mistake, proceed carefully with the response when the query is posed by your spouse. Do I suggest leftovers? No. Pick up something? Not tonight. Go out to eat? Usually a safe bet. Do we want to include friends? Yes! What do […]

Steak, Salad, Sprouts, Wine, Whiskey and Kill Bill

Steak – I grip the knife tightly and pull it across the meat in anticipation. A slice falls to the plate with a trickle of warm blood. It does not stay there for long before my teeth are tearing at this piece of prime, corn fed, midwestern angus beef tenderloin. Grilled to perfection by a […]